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Roll to cut finishing system
UW 8013
The unwinder UW 8013 unrolls large volumes of continuous forms at high speed. The speed control system can increase or reduce roll traction speed, synchronising it with the entire printing line. It includes a command panel that provides information on equipment status during the operation and sends warning and alert messages in the event of areas or unsuitable conditions.
Main characteristics
• Rubberized traction rolls
• Automatic speed control system
• LCD command panel
• Paper eject function
• Leveling feet
• Signal lamp and emergency button
Dimensions Length 1878 mm, Width 1171 mm, Height 1449 mm, Weight 470 Kg
Power requirements 220 V AC +/- 5% (grounded), 60 Hz, 8 A, 1760 W, 6007 BTU/h
Roll Width from 152 mm (6") to 510 mm (20")
Roll diameter maximum 1,30 m (51")
Shaft diameter 3" or 6" (optional)
Paper weight from 75 g/m² to 150 g/m²
Speed 110 m/min
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