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Kern 90

The brand-new Kern 90 CardSystem is an innovative and advanced solution that addresses the various, complex needs of the plastic card and service industries.

Equipped with many unique and ingenious features, the Kern 90 CardSystem is a highly flexible, modular system that is capable of processing automatically and with maximum security a wide range of plastic card applications.

An ergonomic user interface makes it easy to operate the Kern 90 CardSystem. The system is able to read the complete range of ID codes and chips, and can be equipped with database-driven matching and control. Thanks to the Kern 90 CardSystem's ability to monitor every processing step, all production data are available for immediate evaluation. A sophisticated ADF solution ensures the integrity of each mail piece from start to finish.



7000 cards per hour (with one RoboCard module)

12000 cards per hour (with additional RoboCard module)

Card format:

85,6 x 53,9 mm - Thickness: 0,30 - 0,82 mm

Automatic suction card feeder

• Allows easy access from one side.

• Enables continuous loading from A to Z or from Z to A.

• Capacity for large stacks of cards.

• Stack-level monitoring.

• Double-feed detection.

• Up to eight Card Feeders can be installed.

• Card Feeders can operate alternately in flip-flop mode.

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Card conveyor

• The vertical transport of cards facilitates the reading of codes.

• Comprehensive tracking and integrity control ensure security.

• It is easy to access the card readers and adhesive applicator.

• A card turning unit is provided for specific applications.

• Card transport is servo-driven.

Card readers

• The system can include various types of card ID readers in order to handle magnetic stripes, chips, barcode, datamatrix and OCR.

• Several readers can be employed simultaneously.

• Database-controlled processing is possible.

• Reading is of the highest quality - and thus absolutely reliable.

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RoboCard application module

• At a very high speed, cards can be positioned on the carrier sheets with astonishing accuracy and at any angle between 0° and 360°.

• The integrated vision system makes it easy to program and set up the module.

• Cards can be attached with glue or double-sided adhesive.

Additional modules and processing options

• To enable the inclusion of cards in multiple-page mail pieces, the system can encompass a variety of document and enclosure feeders, and grouping and folding modules.

• The Kern 90 CardSystem is designed to interface with Kern Inserting Systems.

• Database-driven inserting and integrity control are available as security-enhancing options.

• Finished mail pieces can be sorted according to a variety of criteria.

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