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Kern 3500
Inserting system
The gateway to successful, flexible high-speed mailings.

Kern - a market leader in providing mailroom solutions - has now introduced its latest technology - the Kern 3500 Inserting System - to its comprehensive range of inserting systems. Its unique design and high speed capabilities mean the Kern 3500 Inserting System can process pre-cut single sheets, as well as continuous forms from fanfold stacks or rolls, more efficiently than ever before. The Kern 3500 Inserting System utilises productivity-enhancing systems such as Kern's mail traying and trend-setting software suite mailFactory, for a truly impressive total solution.

The Kern 3500 Inserting System is constructed using well-established and proven Kern components. In order to adapt to the widest variety of mailroom environments, the system’s speed is continuously variable. When a job is started, the processing speed is automatically adapted to the application being run. When the system is geared to highest productivity it is capable of handling up to 22,000 insertions per hour.

Secure and modular
Thanks to the Kern 3500 Inserting Systems’s modular construction, future upgrades to the system and integration of new or different hardware and software features are always possible. Kern’s proven reading systems and comprehensive paper-flow monitoring ensure that document integrity is maintained throughout processing.

With high-performance inserting system, it is the input and output components that determine how economical, productive and reliable the system is as a whole. Kern’s enclosure feeding modules can handle a wide variety of inserts and document groups, ensuring a constant and reliable flow of mailpieces which speaks for itself.

User friendly
A variety of enhancements and design features enable an operator to programme the Kern 3500 Inserting System quickly and easily for a wide range of applications. The system’s straight linear design contributes to its user friendliness and ease of paper handling. Rapid changeover of the envelope size setting from C6 to C5  is a key design feature. All the Kern 3500 Inserting Systems’s components allow easy access and are modular replaceable.

Characteristics Extremely high performance
Cycling speed Up to 22,000 envelopes/h
Production volume Very large
Input channels 2
Enclosures Up to 12
Envelope dimension C6 to B5
Packing thickness Max. 6 mm
Further informations under consultation.
Kern ADF - mailFactory
Kern offers individually tailored software solutions with the Kern ADF group of products. These are used for the optimum monitoring of the processes of the Kern mailFactory.
More details about the Kern ADF mailFactory go to
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