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Laurenti Inserting System
The Laurenti Inserting System was developed in order to optimize production for mailing companies. It is basically composed of two equipments: the Laurenti sheet feeding system FSII 7310, adapted for use as an input channel of documents and a generic base machine as an automatic enveloping unit. The equipments are connected with totally synchronized operation, mechanically and electronically, ensuring excellent work and a high-quality end product, with a high degree of safety. The group of documents can have up to 5 sheets and the folds can be C or Z (depending of the number of sheets per group) also in diferent formats and sizes.
Modules descriptions

FSII 7310

Smart cut sheet feeder/folder FSII 7310
The FSII 7310 smart cut sheet feeder has versatile configurations and allows the use of up to two feeding channels for electronically or graphically preprinted flat sheets.
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Extension conveyor CV 6035
The Extension Conveyor CV 6035 is an extension for the inserter’s centerfold conveyor and synchronously connects the mechanical and electronic systems of feed and inserter modules.
Bell+Howell Mailstar

Base Machine
The automatic inserters sort and insert documents and centerfolds into envelopes.
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Eject Roller
Eject Roller with or without diverter box
The Eject Roller is an envelope delivery assembly coupled with the inserter’s output and is used for the purpose of accelerating the envelope delivery. It can be installed with or without a diverter box, a compartment where defective envelopes detected during the check reading are directed to.
Output conveyor CV 6022
The Laurenti CV 6022 conveyor is designed to operate together with automatic envelopment systems, accumulating envelopes at the output.
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Half fold
"C" fold
"Z" fold
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System characteristics
Application The main applications are processing transaction documents, direct mail, coupons, banking correspondence and promotional mail, payment statements, etc
Main characteristics • Up to two automatic document inserters
• From four to six enclosure stations
• Document and enclosure station loading during production
• Protective cover with interlock protection system
• Wheels on the base
Monitoring • Photo electric sensors
• End of paper in the feeders
• Block insertion of two sheets
• Document feeding failed control
Folds "C" or "Z"
Safety readers BCR or OMR safety readers
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Dimensions Length 4400 mm (4 stations)
Width 2700 mm
Height 1550 mm (feeder cover closed)
Height 1720 mm (feeder cover opened)
Weight FSII 7310 330 kg (without packaging)
Base Machine
410 kg (model Mailstar 775 400, 4 stations, without packaging)
545 kg (model Mailstar 775 400, 6 stations, without packaging)
Power requirements 220 V AC +/- 5% (grounded), 60 Hz (mono), 4510 W
Documents Formats
A4 (210 x 297mm)
Letter 8 ½ x 11” (216 x 279mm)
8 ½ x 13” (216 x 330mm)
Legal 8 ½ x 14” (216 x 355mm)

Paper weight
from 75 g/m² to 90 g/m²
Thickness max. 1,5 mm for folded documents
Feeder capacity up to 1600 sheets 75 g/m² or max.height 150 mm
Enclosures Width from 76,2 mm to 152 mm
Length from 139,7 mm to 228,8 mm
Paper weight from 75 g/m² to 90 g/m²
Feeder capacity 200 mm
Envelopes Closed
Width min. 152 mm and max. 241 mm
Height min. 83 mm and max. 159 mm

Flap opened

Height min. 25 mm and max. 44 mm
Paper weight from 75 g/m² to 90 g/m²

Max. 9 mm
Feeder capacity 220 mm
The technical characteristics of the sheet feeding module and the model of the inserter machine depend on the application. More information and technical specifications about the system under consultation.
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