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Chequebook mailing system
The IM 7425 Chequebook mailing system is a modular machine comprising: book transport module, book insertion module, envelope insertion module, envelope transport belt, closing module and accumulating belt.
IM 7425
System description
Operation comprises taking the finished check books from a check book machine to the enveloping system using a conveyor, passing through a barcode reader installed over the conveyor, which reads the information from each check book enveloped. The reader sends an electronic signal to the Envelope Insertion Module. This module recognizes the signal and searches a database for information on the check book. This information may be the address/name of the customer, number of check books to be inserted in the envelope, etc...

The data is sent to the Envelope Insertion Module which has an envelope accumulator (closed tab). The inserting machine sends an envelope to a printer connected to the machine, which prints the data read from the check book code on the envelope.

The printed envelope advances along the vacuum conveyor to the Book Insertion Module. The Book Insertion Module can accumulate one or two checkbooks (depending on the process) which are inserted into the envelope. The system compares the envelope information with the checkbook information. If the information is incorrect, the system stops. If the data is correct, checkbook is inserted and the envelope moves on towards the Closing Module which applies glue inside the envelope tab. The closed envelope moves on to the accumulating conveyor.

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