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System overview
CS 4326
Chequebook system for continuous forms
CS 4326
Laurenti Chequebook System model CS 4326 is ideal for applications such as chequebooks, mortgage coupons, scheduled payments, food stamp vouchers, among others.
CS 4326 is the solution to automate the entire process of creating personalized booklets, It reduces dramatically the manpower requirement, minimizing the labour cost, increasing production capability and reliability and enhancing quality standards.
Laurenti provides customized solutions to meet customers’ needs. Our finishing system can create booklets with pre-determined or variable number of personalized pages coming from fan-fold forms or roll-feeding lines that will be processed on one or two input channels (cutters). It can also add non-personalized inserts such as back cover, front cover reorder forms, transactional ledgers and promotional inserts through pre-cut sheet feeders located on strategic positions along the machine to offer versatility on the process.
Power requirements 220 V AC +/- 5% (grounded)
60 Hz (50 optional)
Forms Length up to 20" (510 mm)
Paper weight from 75 to 120 g/m²
Feeders Maximum stack 6" - approx. 1500 sheets 75 g/m²
Stitchers Thickness up to 5,5 mm
Wire consumption 20000 chequebooks per 2 kg (4,4 lb)
Chequebook Length from 115 to 216 mm
Width from 60 to 77 mm
Thickness up to 5,5 mm
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