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Laurenti Inserting System
FSII 7310
Conveyor CV 6022
Eject roller
Extension conveyor CV 6035
Philipsburg chassis inserters

Laurenti markets and provides maintenance and part replacement services for Philipsburg chassis-based machines. Various standard and optional products manufactured by Laurenti meet the insertion system application requirements.

Bell & Howell
Refurbishment Services
Used equipments can be transformed into virtually new through the Base Machines refurbishment services offered by Laurenti. The service comprises  the following steps:
- general mechanical review
- general electronic review
- parts and shapes painting
- covers replacement
For the Base Machines used with Laurenti feeding systems a new electronic component will be installed, in order to improve the automation of documents feeding process with variable data and  enclosures selectivity.
Laurenti Inserting System
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