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Av. Nossa Senhora
da Encarnação, 731
Jardim Maria Stella
São Paulo - SP - Brazil
CEP 04180-081

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Fone: 55 11 4093-6030
Mobile: 55 11 98989-3384


Laurenti offers a range and diversified product solutions such as self mailers, sheet feeders, mailing systems, unwinders, cutters, turn devices, chequebook systems among others.
About Laurenti

Laurenti Equipamentos para Processamento de Dados (Laurenti Data Processing Equipment) is a leading company in Brazil and Latin America, integrating the rank of world leaders in the development of equipment and solutions for documents finishing and processing in the areas of pre and post electronic printing.

Laurenti’s activities were always driven by valuing its human resources, transparency and common interest relationships with customers, collaborators and suppliers.

The head office is in São Paulo and the built area counts with centers for machining, assembling and maintenance, sales and project offices, as well as leisure areas for the employees, favoring the interpersonal development.

Focused on the development of complete, high-speed solutions, accuracy and reliability for the customers, specialized professional technical teams in development and sales are available for competently indicate and develop client solutions all over the world. In addition to its robust and consolidated nationwide presence, Laurenti expands its frontiers to other countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

With a portfolio of over 200 active clients, among them companies such as Valid, Xerox, Print Laser, IBM, Konica Minolta and Procarta, Laurenti holds a strong and consolidated presence in the Brazilian market of variable data electronic printing. There are over 1,000 equipment installed for serving multiple segments like banks, printing houses, digital printing service providers, state utility companies, credit card makers and large distribution centers.

The company has also increased substantially its global market share, mostly in South American countries, expanding its participation in the United States, Central America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

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With 70 years in the market,Laurenti has always positioned itself as a pioneer company in the development of new document processing technologies. The first Laurenti equipment was a continuous form cutter in 1940, developed by Mr. Angelino José Laurenti for a department of the Brazilian government. This was considered the first cutter in the world for this application. Scale production started at the end of that decade, when Mr. Laurenti and his brother, Danilo, became partners and founded a small company for manufacturing machines and systems. The objective was to meet the needs of the printing and data processing industry. The company was established in 1950 under the name of INDÚSTRIA DE ARTEFATOS NORMA. In 1965 the name was changed to IRMÃOS LAURENTI LTDA and, in 1970, it was again altered to Laurenti Equipamentos para Processamento de Dados Ltda., as it is known today.

Products and solutions

Laurenti is driven by the development, manufacturing and customizing of products addressed to documents processing with variable data printing, like transactional documents, banking statements, TransPromo and direct mail.

The solutions offered by Laurenti include the complete process, since unwinding to final enveloping through a diversified product line formed by unwinders, paper deviators, cutters, inserting systems, self-mailers, checkbook systems, feeders, conveyors, among other equipment.

Quality management


Laurenti is proud to be recognized worldwide as an organization that offers its customers product and service quality guarantees.

Laurent Quality Policy
- Offer solutions that fulfill our customers requirements;
- Continuously refined processes, products and services;
- Create a working environment based on mutual respect and personal development.


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