Introducing Laurenti
Self-Checkout solutions

Laurenti Self-Checkout terminals were developed to increase your customer ability to process their own purchases. Built with a clean and efficient design, these Self-Checkout terminals are a powerful platform, and an alternative to regular checkouts, increasing positively your customers purchase experience.
  Improve your customer
purchase experience

One of the key advantages our Self-Checkout terminals offer is to reduce lines. You can improve further your customer experience, creating dedicated areas, well signed and nearby your traditional checkout, given new options to your customer to conclude its overall experience.

Barcode Scanner
High performance, quality and security. Improve operational efficiency with a high index of positive Reading on the first scan.

Card Reader
Virtually accepts any model of PIN Pad for card payment currently available in the Market.

Ticket Printer
All models are designed to support a paper printer inside

Touchscreen Monitor
LCD monitors with Touchscreen tecnology.

Weight Conference
These Self-Checkouts include a weight conference system attached to the bag handler.

External Midia Opportunity
Our basic configuration supports virtually any visual identity standard thru labelling. This could be used for both instruction and merchandising.
Designed based on international accessibility standards.

Totally built using steel plates, providing higher protection against daily use on regular impact conditions.
Painted with special texture and available on a different array of custom colors.

Optional items include and are not limited to: electrical security additional switches, no breaks, built in camera, higher CPU configurations and additional Ethernet and USB ports.

Technical Support
Extensive training available for dealers and representatives at our headquarter.


TSC 4213
Include a fruit scale

TSC 4214
Include omnidirectional scanner
  Main Components

- Touchscreen Monitor
2 - Paper Printer
3 - Barcode Scanner
4 - Support Assistance Tray
5 - PIN pad
6 - Weight Checker Station
7 - Bag Handler
8 - CPU

Terminal Self-Checkout Laurenti

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